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Alexander Johnson

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Alexander Johnson is an internationally renowned businessman, corporate strategist and keynote speaker. 

Born in the UK, Alexander grew up in both London, England and Kitzbühel, Austria. After an education that spanned England and Switzerland, he completed his undergraduate studies at business school and began his career with various entrepreneurial endeavours. 

Serving as a board director of waste-to-energy company Worldwide Natural Resources PLC, Alexander was cited as the youngest CEO of a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. It represented the first step into one of Alexander’s passions: progressive world-changing innovation. 

Alexander has served as an IPO, acquisitions and Venture Capital consultant. Working with companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and a number of US markets has given him in-depth knowledge of financial markets and business growth strategies. 

A regular keynote speaker and writer across a range of topics within entrepreneurship, leadership, investments, financial markets trading and economics. 

Alexander is a supporter of a number of humanitarian causes throughout Africa and Europe. He has also worked with the Royal Marines Charity to help with resocialisation programmes for Marines looking to find new careers after combat.  

Currently, Alexander is building a life skills programme for younger generations to provide financial and career guidance, which will be made available online and for free.