Concurrent registration

Policy and guidance on concurrent registration

This document sets out the Department’s policy on concurrent registration, together with guidance for students and staff on how it is applied. The purpose of the policy is to seek to avoid circumstances arising where a student’s academic study suffers as a result of their being concurrently registered on more than one course, in particular where courses are under the aegis of the Department.


(a) Applicants for all award-bearing or credit-bearing courses are required to declare whether they are already registered (or intend registering) on another course with the Department or elsewhere that would run concurrently with the course for which they are applying.

(b) Where concurrent registration is declared, admission to the course applied for will not be permitted unless those responsible for decisions on admission are satisfied that the concurrent registration will not adversely affect the student’s ability to study for the course.

(c) Where an application is accepted despite concurrent registration on another award, or where a student subsequently enrols on another course concurrently, then any academic or other commitments associated with the other course will not normally be accepted as grounds for granting an extension for assessed work or for suspension of studies.


1. The Department will endeavour to ensure that course publicity material and information given at interview provides applicants with a realistic understanding of the commitment, in terms of time and effort, including private study, that would be required of them in undertaking a part-time accredited or award-bearing course in the Department.

2. When making a course application that involves concurrent registration, the student/ applicant must, at the earliest opportunity, seek an opinion on the academic advisability of permitting concurrent registration from the director of the other accredited or award-bearing course (whether it is run by the Department or another body), and communicate this opinion to the course administrator(s).