Policies and guidance

Departmental policies

It is important that you read and are aware of the departmental policies which apply to your course, as outlined on the Terms and Conditions webpage. 

You should also refer to the policies and procedures, and course regulations and conventions, as provided in your Course Handbook.

All students are expected to be aware of the relevant University policies, in particular those set out in:

Conflict of interest

It is the duty of every student (and member of staff) to disclose any conflict of interest or any circumstances that might reasonably give rise to the perception of conflict of interest. Apparent or perceived conflicts of interest can be as damaging as actual conflicts of interest.

If at any time during your course you believe you find yourself in a situation whereby you are, or could be perceived to be, conflicted, you should, in the first instance, take advice from your Course Director or Course Administrator.

The Universities conflict of interest policy can be found here:


Departmental guidance on hospitality and / or gifts from students

The Department understands that students may wish to thank course tutors, especially at the end of a course. Thank you cards and notes are permissible and welcome. The University has a policy on the accepting of gifts or hospitality intended to protect all concerned against the risk of any perception of attempts to influence grades or academic judgement. For this reason, we would ask that individual students do not offer gifts or hospitality to course tutors or staff. Gifts made on behalf of a whole class by way of thanks for the teaching are acceptable provided their value is reasonable and proportionate. The University regards a combined monetary value of gifts to all tutors on a course in any academic year of £250 as the upper limit of what would be considered acceptable under its policy.