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Tutor takeover

Frank Egerton recommends an online platform filled with advice on writing and publishing.

Creative Writing Tutor Frank Egerton recommends Writers & Artists, the insider guide to the media. Frank says: 'This site is the online home of the invaluable Writers & Artists Yearbook (now published by Bloomsbury). The site contains a wealth of excellent advice on writing, getting published, self-publishing and marketing'. Explore articles written by bestselling authors and illustrators, leading literary agents and industry experts.

> Writers & Artists: Advice


Pitt Rivers Museum

Oxford University’s Pitt Rivers Museum houses one of the most fascinating and diverse collections of archaeological and anthropological treasures in Britain. The collection is more than 500,000 items strong and the museum's website reflects this with a myriad of resources and educational materials. Delve into some of the collections highlights; look back at past exhibitions; explore research projects and conservation case studies; or take a virtual tour.

> Pitt Rivers Museum

Art UK

Art UK is a cultural education charity that aims to 'enable global audiences to learn about the UK’s national art collection'. The website is 'the showcase for art in every UK public collection and is a collaboration between over 3,200 British institutions. The art you see on Art UK is for everyone – for enjoyment, learning and research. These artworks are in museums, universities, town halls, hospitals and other civic buildings across the country. As 80% of this art is not on public view, Art UK allows you to see art that you would not normally be able to visit...Our current major project is documenting and digitising the nation’s sculptures – both in collections and in public spaces. The first of many thousands of sculptures joined the site during February 2019.'

> Art UK

Inside Science

Working on the assumption that ‘science is culture’, Dr Adam Rutherford presents BBC Radio 4's Inside Science, a weekly show that reflects how science works, how it underpins culture and how it affects you. Enjoy hundreds of 30 minute episodes and short clips across a wide range of subjects, including Neolithic baby bottles, the effect of noise on wildlife, artificial virtual reality skin, and how green are electric cars?

> Inside Science 

Chasing Castles

Houses with hundreds of years of history also hide many special stories. Chasing Castles is a quest to explore Britain’s beautiful historic estates. Over the past two years a husband-and-wife team have visited castles, stately homes and gardens and collected almost 300 stories – including the discovery of the ‘real’ Romeo and Juliet and the oldest ghost in England.

> Chasing Castles

Discovering Literature: 20th century

Explore key works of 20th-century literature with the British Library. Delve in and explore the ways in which authors experimented with new forms and themes to capture the fast-changing world around them. Browse more than 300 treasures from the British Library collection and beyond.

> Discovering Literature: 20th century


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