Curious Minds Podcast

Welcome to the Curious Minds Podcast: A lifelong learning podcast featuring short talks from academic staff of Oxford’s Department for Continuing Education. This series will grow over the coming weeks and months, and we welcome your suggestions for topics, via the form at the bottom of this page.

Episode 2: At Home in Early Medieval England

Archaeologist Dr Toby Martin talks about homes in the early medieval period: what homes may have been like in the 5th-7th centuries, who would have lived there, and how they may have spent their time.

Explore early medieval England through learning resources chosen by Dr Toby Martin.

Episode 1: Medieval Perspectives on the Pandemic

Medieval historian Dr Elizabeth Gemmill explores medieval accounts of epidemics and in particular their uncertainties about the causes, course and consequences of disease. She reflects on whether our present circumstances can help us to a better understanding of the experiences of people in the past.

Learn more about medieval times with supplementary learning resources.