DSUD student spotlights

DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development

The programme attracts an engaged group of students from a wide international background who share a variety of work experiences in urban development and the built environment.

The DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development (DSUD) provides outstanding students an opportunity to pursue in-depth and rigorous research about the pressing challenges of urban sustainability and the processes of environmental, economic, and social development in urban environments around the world.

Find out more about what our students have to say about the DPhil using the links below.

Mayleen Cabral

Starting her DPhil during the middle of a global pandemic, Mayleen found the induction to the programme smooth and balanced, providing the necessary support for students.

Deland Chan

The Clarendon Scholarship has made it possible for Deland Chan to do the DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development and continue her research into emerging bottom-up, neighbourhood-based approaches to urban sustainability.

Sandra Hiari

DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development student Sandra Hiari received a 2019 IJURR Foundation Studentship for her research investigating urban policymaking in Amman

Marion Lagadic

The part-time structure of the DPhil allowed student Marion Lagadic to realise and embark on her dream of studying for a doctorate.

Katherine Maxwell

Katherine is the first student to complete the DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development.