Archaeology: early medieval imagery

How to 'read' pre-Christian imagery

In this short video, Dr Toby Martin examines a bronze belt plate from the late fifth/early sixth century.

Free online book

A new book, Barbaric Splendour: The use of image before and after Rome, explores and compares art of the Iron Age and early medieval period.

Edited by Dr Toby Martin with Dr Wendy Morrison, Senior Associate Tutor in Archaeology, the book comprises a collection of essays by international experts that examine the use and meaning of images produced on the peripheries of the Roman Empire in northwest Europe. It provides an introduction to Iron Age and Early Medieval art for specialists and students alike.

Barbaric Splendour, published by Archaeopress, is entirely open access, and can be downloaded for free.

Dr Toby Martin

Departmental Lecturer in Archaeology; Director of Studies for the Weekly Class and Day and Weekend Event programmes in Archaeology, Anthropology and Ancient History; Commissioning Editor for short online courses in the same subject area.

Dr Martin has previously worked in field archaeology in Europe and in Britain, and has published widely on the early medieval period with a focus on artefacts and burial practices.

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