The German Ideology

'Abandoned to the gnawing criticism of the mice'

In this short talk, Dr Meade McCloughan gives a brief overview of the young Marx and Engels and their work, The German Ideology.

Further reading

The majority of The German Ideology is available to read on the Marxist Internet Archive.

Dr Meade McCloughan

Dr Meade McCloughan has been studying philosophy for over 30 years and has taught at University College London and Birkbeck College London. He is on the organising group of the Marx and Philosophy Society.

Short course with Meade McCloughan - join online or in Oxford

How can we make sense of our place in history? Are we moving forward, and if so, how and to what? Or should we instead be more concerned to look backwards? Our Philosophy of History from Kant to Foucault weekly class will examine how thinkers from Kant to Foucault have dealt with these questions.

Two study options are available. If you're local, you can join us in person, in Oxford. If you're not local or would prefer to take the course online, now you can!

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