UK government funding for undergraduate and postgraduate study

Learn where to find out more about UK government funding for fees, maintenance and disability support

Undergraduate student loans and financial support

Many students taking an undergraduate course part-time are eligible for student loans. Information about the  eligibility criteria and the application process are on the government undergraduate student finance web pages. See also the University's Government support web page.

Postgraduate student loans and Maintenance Grants

Many students on full- and part-time masters and doctoral programs are eligible for UK government student loans. Find out more  about these and maintenance loans or grants for living costs on our Graduate funding sources  web page and the government Funding for postgraduate study portal.

Disabled Students’ Allowance

Students on our award-bearing courses can register for support with the University’s Disability Advisory Service (DAS). The DAS provides a range of support services and can assist with applications for disability support funding.

Frequently asked questions about student loans

  • How large a loan should I apply for?

You may apply for all or part of your course fees.

  • Which departmental address should I state when applying?

Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, Rewley House, 1 Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JA.

  • What if I'm also awarded a Departmental bursary?

Deduct the amount of the Departmental bursary from the maximum Tuition Loan that you are applying for.

  • After my loan has been approved, what should I do?

Inform our Student Support Administrator and send them a copy of the payment schedule when you receive it.

  • How does the University receive my Tuition Loan?

Your Tuition Loan will be paid directly to the Department in two installments.

  • How should I repay my loan?

Refer to the government website Repaying your student loan.

  • I am an EU national. Is my funding affected by the UK leaving the EU?

Implications of the UK leaving the European Union will tell you whether and how you may be affected.

  • Where can I find information on funding for international students?

Refer to Funding for international students.