Student representation


Student representatives

Each year, the Department recruits a number of student representatives to serve as members of the Department's  Committee on Library Provision (CLiP), Graduate School Committee (GSC), Assessment and Teaching Committee (ATC); Academic Board (AB) and Continuing Education Board (CEB). These representatives bring the student perspective into the heart of the Department's decision-making processes. Matters under discussion will vary from availability of resources in the library, the content of the graduate training programme, development of new courses and policies affecting all students, to the Department's position in the University as a whole.

 Further information, including details of how to apply, can be found by contacting the email addresses below. Where there is more than one vacancy we endeavour to have representation from different award levels and subject areas.

Meetings generally take place during the working day in Oxford. CLiP and the GSC meet once per term. ATC and AB each meet twice per term. The representatives on AB also attend the termly meeting of the CEB and co-chair the termly Student Staff Committee meeting, to which all course and departmental student representatives are invited.


Assessment and Teaching Committee/Academic Board/Continuing Education Board:

Committee on Library Provision:

Graduate School Committee: