Surgical science and practice


Postgraduate part-time courses developing leadership skills for surgeons and other healthcare professionals

In partnership with the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences

The MSc in Surgical Science and Practice is designed to prepare senior surgical trainees for life as independent specialists by providing key skills and knowledge essential for modern professional practice, which are not fully represented within most postgraduate training.  We cover management skills, quality improvement, leadership, teamwork and patient safety, the principles of medical education and clinical research methods.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Patient Safety aims to provide an understanding of the basic science behind quality improvement methods and a professional level of understanding of the techniques for implementing, sustaining and measuring systems change, and for exploring and evaluating the effect of different approaches to improving safety in healthcare. It is especially suitable for people who are preparing for careers in higher levels of nursing, medical and general management with a specific interest in patient safety.

Both of these programmes are modular, and individuals may apply to take any module separately for professional training and for transferable academic credit.

"The MSc in Surgical Science and Practice covers critical aspects of the training of surgical specialists based on competentices. The teachers make you think out of the 'doctor's box - you are not just becoming a medical specialist, you will also be involved in research, quality improvement, teamwork, organisation, management and education."

Gabie de Jong, Surgical Registrar, The Netherlands 

Upcoming courses

Evidence-Based Surgery

  • Short courses, Professional development
  • Mon 14 Oct 2019 to 18 Oct 2019

Quality Improvement Science and Systems Analysis

  • Professional development
  • Mon 18 Nov 2019 to 22 Nov 2019

Becoming a Clinical Educator

  • Professional development
  • Mon 03 Feb 2020 to 07 Feb 2020

Leadership and Management in Health Care

  • Professional development
  • Mon 11 May 2020 to 15 May 2020

Human Factors, Teamwork and Communication

  • Professional development
  • Mon 08 Jun 2020 to 12 Jun 2020