The Black Hole Information Paradox


With this one-day event on the black hole information paradox, you will learn about a cornerstone puzzle in modern theoretical physics. The day delves into the intriguing conflict between quantum mechanics and general relativity as it manifests in black holes. We will explore how information seems to be lost in black holes, defying quantum mechanics' fundamental assertion that information is always preserved. 

Our journey will guide you through the principles of event horizons, singularity, and the groundbreaking work of scientists like Stephen Hawking. You'll learn about Hawking radiation, a theoretical prediction that black holes emit radiation, seemingly eradicating information forever. We'll also examine recent theories and debates that attempt to resolve this paradox, including the holographic principle and the idea of 'firewalls'. 

This event is designed for enthusiasts and those with a basic understanding of physics, offering a platform to engage with one of the most profound mysteries in the cosmos. Through interactive discussions and expert-led presentations, you'll gain insights into the cutting-edge research and theories that seek to reconcile these conflicting aspects of our universe. Join us for a day of exploration into the depths of one of the most baffling enigmas of astrophysics. 

Please note: this event will close to enrolments at 23:59 BST on 2 October 2024.

Programme details

Registration (Rewley House reception)

Spacetime and black holes 

Tea/coffee break

The laws of quantum physics  

Lunch break

The black hole information paradox  

Tea/coffee break

The ultimate destiny of information  

End of day  


Description Costs
Course Fee (includes tea/coffee) £120.00
Baguette Lunch £7.30
Hot Lunch (3 courses) £19.25


If you are in receipt of a UK state benefit or are a full-time student in the UK you may be eligible for a reduction of 50% of tuition fees.

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Mr Andrea Russo

Andrea is currently a Ph.D. candidate in his last year at Universe College London, where he is studying different aspects of Quantum Gravity and Quantum Information Theory.  He is currently following three different research directions, ranging from reformulating Quantum Field Theory without the explicit use of time to studying the implications of stochastic effects in a hybrid classical-quantum theory of matter on spacetime. Andrea’s most recent works have been in the field of Holographic Gravity, where he and his colleagues demonstrated that Quantum Complexity can be described in terms of threads sewing spacetime together and implying its evolution under Einstein's field equations. Andrea has studied mathematical physics at the University of Nottingham and obtained his Master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University.


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