EvidenceLive - Forging New Directions in Evidence-Based Medicine

EvidenceLive, the world's leading evidence-based medicine conference, was held in Oxford 25-26 March at the Examination Schools with 400 delegates from all over the world - researchers and clinical practitioners - in attendance.

With the fast pace of technological innovation in healthcare and the significant production of research, it is often challenging for clinicians and health care professionals to keep up to date with and use the latest research knowledge in their practice. Evidence-Based Health Care (EBHC) is an international initiative that encourages health clinicians, researchers and professionals to find relevant and recent research, to understand the statistical and research reports and then to apply what is most important to their clinical practice.

Oxford has always been at the leading edge in evidence-based health care and this conference was hosted jointly by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and the British Medical Journal. The Department runs the MSc and DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care, plus a number of short course modules in EBHC in collaboration with the Department for Primary Healthcare Sciences.

As the director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and a Fellow of Kellogg College, Dr Carl Heneghan said 'our programme for Evidence 2013 is designed to be thought-provoking, practical and entertaining. Delegates get an amazing opportunity to learn first-hand how leading world experts in evidence-based medicine are helping to shape healthcare for the better.'

EvidenceLive showcased many original thinkers in EBHC who continue to debate and critique what is considered best practice. With multiple concurrent sessions and poster presentations, there were many opportunities for engaged discussion and students and early career researchers came from all over the world to participate.

Published 29 April 2013