Anne Jensen

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Anne chose the part-time DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care as it meant she could both work and study​.

'As I was finishing my MSc, I knew I wanted to continue on to a PhD, and when I was introduced to the Evidence-Based Health Care DPhil it sounded like the perfect next step. I liked the idea that it was part time, which meant I could both work and study.

'At first, it was challenging, balancing work and starting a DPhil, but everyone in the department was very kind and supportive. I enjoyed working on my projects independently, knowing that should I need help I had access to some of the very best clinical researchers in the world. I found this very empowering.

'The topic of my research was rather unconventional and somewhat controversial, and as a result, I experienced a good deal of bias from certain health care sectors, making progress tricky at times. However, my supervisors and other advisors in the programme were stellar! They offered ongoing encouragement and sound advice – and despite the odds, I made it! I graduated with my DPhil and I am now teaching others what I have learned through my research.

'If you are considering undertaking this course, I cannot recommend it enough. I found what worked best for me was at certain crucial points to take a break from work for several weeks or a month to focus on research. This was especially helpful during the data collection and writing up phase. I spent time in Oxford, in the department and at my college, where help was only a cycle away. It was a hard slog at times, but I would not change a thing!'

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