Prof. Dr. Hassan Siegfried Abou-Rebyeh

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Hassan lives in the United Arab Emirates and completed the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care in 2014.

'I am a physician working in the field of gastroenterology, hepatology and interventional endoscopy. I trained at Charite University in Berlin, Germany and worked there for 20 years. In 2009 I moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in order to form a new gastroenterology department at a government hospital managed by Vienna University and local authorities.

'I conducted plenty of primary research projects, and published articles in renowned international medical journals, but I felt confronted with large amount of publications which are published in such a fast pace it is impossible for me as an individual doctor to read all of them. In addition, many different articles provide information to the same clinical question. Therefore, reconciliation of different articles is mandatory to deduct the best clinical answer to a medical problem by applying techniques of systematic review and meta-analysis. The MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care helped to develop not only these skills, but also my writing (guidelines and policies) and teaching (students, trainees and experienced consultants).

'Living in United Arab Emirates was a challenge because I had to travel a lot to Oxford. Logistics and timings posed challenges which were sometimes difficult to solve.

'I learned the best professional way how to research, analysis and evaluate medical literature in order to find the best answer to any given medical question. I was happy that I succeeded to submit my dissertation with a complete systematic review and meta-analysis of a challenging and relevant medical question. This encouraged me to anticipate the publication of more systematic reviews in the future.

'I have now changed jobs and am currently working as chief of medicine in the largest private hospital in the UAE. I am a firm believer in life-long learning and have enrolled on the Executive MBA at Judge Business School at Cambridge University in order to further expand my skill set and knowledge. 

'I strongly recommend others to engage in life-long learning and to enhance beyond the borders of the daily routine work. The Oxford Evidence-based health care postgraduate programme at Oxford University provides an ideal and diverse platform to step out of one’s comfort zone and to excel and it helps students to significantly improve their career chances.'

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