Olaf Bayer

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Olaf has a degree in archaeology from the University of Leicester (1996), an MA in landscape archaeology from the University of Sheffield (2000), and a PhD in archaeology from the University of Central Lancashire (2011). He has also worked extensively as a professional field archaeologist. Between 2012 and 2014 Olaf worked as a project officer on the Archaeology of East Oxford Project (www.archeox.net). In 2014-15 he was a Departmental Lecturer, directing our Certificate and MSc courses, covering for David Griffiths who was on a research fellowship. He now works for Historic England as an archaeological investigator.

Olaf’s research focuses on the inhabitation of landscapes in the British Mesolithic, Neolithic and Early Bronze Age. He has a background in excavation, surface collection, lithic analysis, geophysical survey, geomatics and community archaeology.  His doctoral research focused on the contents and contexts of a series of surface lithic scatters in the Lower Exe Valley, Devon. 

Olaf is a co-director of the Damerham Archaeology Project (www.damerhamarchaeology.org), which is investigating a series of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age monuments on the eastern edge of Cranborne Chase, Hampshire.

He has been instrumental in developing the Salisbury Plain Landscape Transitions Project (SPLAT) along with David Griffiths. A pdf report on the Department's pilot project at Robin Hood's Ball Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure can be found here.