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Paul Barnwell teaches the Postgraduate Certificate in Architectural History, some modules of which also form part of the MSc in Historic Conservation at Oxford Brookes University, and co-directs the DPhil programme in Architectural History. He also directs Weekly Classes and Day and Weekend Schools in Architectural History and the Historic Environment, and co-directs the programme of short courses for Professional Training in the Historic Enviroment.

Research interests

Paul Barnwell's main research interests lie in the middle ages, though he sometimes ranges further afield. His primary interests are twofold: the ways in which buildings and landscapes were perceived and used by past generations, and the administrative and legal aspects of the transition from the Roman Empire to the medieval world. His main current research project, for Historic England, relates to the evolution of English parish churches, particularly in the county of Northampton, and the ways in which they were used and experienced by ordinary parishioners from the Anglo-Saxon period to the Reformation. He is also editing a series of ten volumes on ‘Places of Worship in Britain and Ireland’ from prehistory to the present, which will appear in the series ''Rewley House Studies in the Historic Environment'', published by Shaun Tyas, of which is the general editor. He is a member of the editorial boards of Northern History and Vernacular Architecture; from 1996 to 2012 he contributed the chapter on late antiquity and the early middle ages to the Historical Association's Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature.



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