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Enderson completed the Teaching Evidence-Based Practice module in 2017, as part of the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care and is now a student on the DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care programme. He is using his skills to educate the next generation of practitioners in the field of teaching Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), having recently launched the new Center for EBM Teaching and Research in Brazil.

'Before commencing the Teaching Evidence-Based Practice module, I was the CEO of OnSomble, a USA-based company that develops virtual-learning platforms for healthcare professionals. Academically,I was finishing the coursework for the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care and, as I have a passion for teaching and disseminating good evidence, I was immediately drawn to the module.

'The Teaching EBM course was a life-changing experience for me. It allowed me to apply all the EBM concepts and skills that I learned throughout the MSc and served as an important capstone in my learning. It truly empowered me to embody the spirit of docendo discimus: “by teaching we learn”. 

'The final assignment was also very enjoyable for me because it allowed me to utilize my expertise of creating virtual learning platforms in order to learn EBM. I created a series of YouTube videos, tied them to knowledge checks, created a crosswalk curriculum, and launched the course to my fellow MSc colleagues for their feedback. I later decided to make the video links public on YouTube and shortly after I was contacted by the learning departments of hospitals who were asking permission to use the videos to train their clinicians. 

'This course was not without its challenges, however. It is very interactive and intensive, requiring constant engagement from participants. Each person is asked to bring some of their own teaching materials that they can present, as each participant shares their teaching methodologies in small group sections. Learners have to constantly work on improving their presentations and teaching techniques throughout the week, which can be a challenge in a relatively small amount of time. Notwithstanding its intensity, I really enjoyed this framework because I was able to get invaluable feedback from EBM teachers and experts from around the world. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in just 5 days.

'After completing my MSc, I continued my EBM journey by advancing to the DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care programme, where my research focuses on the appropriateness of treatment received by patients with advanced cancer. I’m still the CEO of OnSomble and I am one of the Co-Founders of the Oxford-Brazil EBM Alliance, which was born during the Teaching EBM course.

'The knowledge gained from the Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine course, and the life-long friendships and academic relationships I built during the module, are absolutely invaluable. For example, I met a colleague during the Teaching Evidence-Based Practice module who is a fellow Brazilian citizen and shared my passion for teaching. Dr. Luis Eduardo Fontes and I quickly became friends and began collaborating on EBM projects after the course, including the translation of EBM Critical Appraisal Tools to Portuguese. More recently, we partnered with Brazilian leaders of EBM, major Brazilian universities, and Dr. David Nunan from the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in order to launch the Oxford-Brazil EBM Alliance as a new Center for EBM Teaching and Research. Our first official class is tailored to EBM teachers and follows a similar format of the Teaching EBM course. This inaugural workshop, which will take place in Petrópolis, Brazil, sold out in record time, and the Alliance already has a waiting list for subsequent workshops.

'To those considering this course, I would say this: do not hesitate. I highly recommend Oxford’s Continuing Education courses. Students get world-leading content taught by the top experts in the industry. The quality of the courses is extraordinary, and you truly get to learn from the very best.'

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