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EBHC Bulletin Trinity Term 2023                                                                                                        Lead Article: Sign up for our Evidence-Based Health Care Summer School 2023, from 3-14 July 2023 and read about DPhil student Melanie Golob' s experience on our Economics of Health Care course

EBHC Bulletin Hilary Term 2023                                                                                                    Lead Article: The Evidence-Based Health Care Summer School is back, 3-14 July 2023 and read about our 2023 MSc EBHC prize winners for outstanding dissertations, as well as current EBM research projects

EBHC Bulletin Michaelmas Term 2022                                                                                            The focus this term is transitioning from MSc to DPhil and we look at a number of student experiences including Ali Mulhem: Generating a research question for a systematic review and Nicole Juul-Hindsgaul: Research; it's all about your question. What do you want to know?

EBHC Bulletin Trinity Term 2022                                                                                                        Lead Article: Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, Director of the DPhil in EBHC, reveals five ways the COVID-19 pandemic has affected routine medical care and we introduce two new short courses for 2023.

EBHC Bulletin Hilary Term 2022                                                                                                    Lead Article: We invite you to join our very first Evidence-Based Health Care Summer School, from 4-20 July 2022 and we hear from some of our current students, who share their experience of our programmes and short courses this term

EBHC Bulletin Michaelmas Term 2021                                                                                          Lead Article: We introduce our brand new MSc in EBHC Teaching and Education for 2022

EBHC Bulletin Trinity Term 2021                                                                                                      Lead Article: We share details of our two new accredited short training courses for 2022, Clinical Prediction Rules and Economics of Health Care and we hear from some of our current students, who share their experience of our modules and short course this term.

EBHC Bulletin Hilary Term 2021
Lead Article: Professor Kamal Mahtani, Course Director of the Evidence-Based Health Care Leadership Programme, reflects on the challenges faced by health care leaders in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Student and paediatrician Veerle Langenhorst gives an insider's perspective on the first year of the PGCert in Teaching Evidence-Based Health Care.

EBHC Bulletin Michaelmas Term 2020
Lead Article: We hear from one of our students taking the MSc in EBHC Medical Statistics, Nicholas Nyaaba, about his experience on the course, having recently completed his dissertation. Professor Mike Clarke also shares his experience of teaching modules, Systematic Reviews and Randomised Controlled Trials, fully online for the first time.

EBHC Bulletin Trinity Term 2020
Lead Article: As we continue to adjust to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our academic team have done an amazing job adapting modules for full delivery online. MSc EBHC student Red Miguel,  reflects on the positive experience of completing the Meta-Analysis module in the new format. A number of EBHC academic colleagues have also been making regular contributions to our Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine’s Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service. Examples of this important work are included in this edition.

EBHC Bulletin Hilary Term 2020
Lead Article: What does it take to be a leader in Evidence-Based Health Care?
by Dr Kamal Mahtani, Course Director MSc in EBHC Systematic Reviews and EBHC Leadership, Deputy Director Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

EBHC Bulletin Michaelmas Term 2019
Lead Article: Kamal Mahtini explores how the increased uptake of Systematic Reviews to inform Health Care policy, brings particular challenges for academics.

EBHC Bulletin Trinity Term 2019
Lead Article: How to turn your Msc Dissertation into an Academic Paper
by Dr Anne-Marie Boylan, Module co-ordinator for Qualitative Research Methods.

EBHC Bulletin Hilary Term 2019
Lead Article: How can we get value-based health care
by Louise Hurst, Module co-ordinator for Health Care Value

EBHC Bulletin Michaelmas Term 2018
Lead Article: Advanced qualitative research methods in Evidence-Based Health Care
by Dr Veronika Williams, Co Module Coordinator of Advanced Qualitative Research Methods module and Director of DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care


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