Student support

There is a wide range of support services available to students on award-bearing courses. Some key resources are linked below, but if you need advice and cannot find what you need, please contact either the Department's Student Support Administrator or your college (for matriculated students). Depending on the nature of your support need, you may also wish to discuss the matter with your Course Director or Course Administrator.

Key resources

  • The University's Health and welfare webpages provide a summary of the support available across the University.
  • For students with disabilities, please see the Department's Students with disabilities webpage. 
  • For students with mental health disabilities or concerns, please see the resources available via the University's Counselling Service's webpages. 
  • For health concerns and medical information, please consult the Department's Student health webpages.
  • For information and advice regarding harrassment or bullying, please see the University's Harrassment advice webpages.
  • For advice on funding, please see the Department's Sources of funding webpage.
  • There are a range of faith societies, belief groups and religious centres within the University. For more information visit Faith societies and belief groups.
  • For information about the University's work on equality and diversity, please see the Equality and Diversity Unit webpages.