After your course

Results and award of qualifications

Each course has a Board of Examiners, consisting of a minimum of two internal and one external examiners. They will meet each year, usually during the summer or autumn, and are responsible for formally confirming all marks and awarding qualifications. After the Board has met, you will receive a letter confirming your results for the year and, if you have reached the end of your course, a full transcript of your marks.

The internal examiners will often be academic staff from within the Department but can also be from the department/faculty offering the cognate subject in the wider University.

The external examiner is usually an academic from another higher education institution, who is based entirely outside of the University. A list of external examiners will be made available once appointments have been confirmed during the year. However, please note that students are not permitted to contact the external examiners directly.

Award ceremony and graduation

For non-matriculated students (both undergraduate and postgraduate)

On successful completion of your course, you will be invited to attend an award ceremony. This will normally be in the Spring (March or April) of the year following the end of your course, and you are able to invite relatives and friends.

If you believe you are entitled to attend the ceremony but have not received an invitation by the end of January of the year following the end of your course, please contact your Course Administrator. There will be a deadline for applications which will be strictly observed.

More information is available on the Department's Award ceremony webpage.

For matriculated postgraduate students

Postgraduate students on matriculated courses of a fixed duration will receive an email near the end of Michaelmas term in their final year of study, with instructions on how to book your degree ceremony. Students on courses of variable duration will be invited to register for a degree ceremony once they have completed their course.

If you have any questions about attendance at a Degree Ceremony please contact either the Degree Ceremonies team or your college. 


A ‘transcript’ is an official record of the studies you have undertaken and results obtained. You will automatically receive a transcript at the end of your course.

If you require a provisional transcript whilst you are on course, or additional copies of your final transcript, please visit the online store (charges apply). More information is available on the Transcripts and Certificate page on the Department's website.


Whether you are planning on embarking on a new career as a result of your studies, or hope to progress in your current field, you can access help and advice through the University Careers Service.