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The Department for Continuing Education has over 135 years' experience of teaching part-time adult students.

Those who take our courses include:

  • People studying for enjoyment and personal enrichment -- for example, pursuing an interest in art history, or learning a foreign language
  • Those working to obtain a certificate or diploma in a given subject
  • Students who intend to transfer to university degree programmes, both at Oxford and elsewhere
  • Those who wish to upgrade professional skills
  • Those who are pursuing a post-graduate degree part-time
  • People changing the focus of their careers, or embarking on a new career path
  • Students returning to education after a time away

Many of our courses can be studied with no previous qualifications; some of our programmes - mainly those which result in diplomas, certificates and degrees - require some amount of previous study or experience, and are subject to a competitive application process.

Students who are interested in studying with us are encouraged to explore the Courses section of this site. Each course and programme of study contains detailed information about requirements and application.

Student Spotlights

Even with a PhD in Ecology in hand, Ecological Survey Techniques student Karolina Petrovic felt that she needed more. 'My previous studies equipped me with advanced ecological concepts and skills to design and conduct research independently, sometimes I felt I was too specialised and limited with job opportunities. I wanted to boost my employability.' Read more...

Len Puhm pursued our online Advanced Diploma in Data and Systems Analysis to take his career to the next level in a new city. Read more...

Shweta Shivakumar joined an international research team working in leopard-human conflict mitigation in India as a direct result of her study on our Postgraduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice. Read more...

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