Dr Ada Grabowska-Zhang

Profile details

Ada is a Departmental Lecturer in Environmental Sciences and co-directs the Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques. She received her BA in Biological Sciences form the University of Oxford in 2008 and her Doctorate in Zoology in 2012, from the same University.

Research interests

My doctoral research focused on the behavioural ecology of the great tit (Parus major). I have subsequently researched ethno-biological approaches to bird conservation, as well as studied bird diversity in urban and fragmented landscapes. I have broad research interests that revolve around small scale ecology and its interactions with animal behaviour.

Teaching expertise

I hold an Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (2011). On an undergraduate level I specialise in teaching Animal Behaviour, Ecology, Evolution and Statistics, which I teach for Brasenose College as well as the Department of Biology. I also designed and teach a range of biology courses for adult learners at OUDCE Weekly Classess Programme. On postgraduate level I teach and supervise students in Ecological Survey Techniques.


Selected recent publications

Gardner E, Hesselberg T, Grabowska-Zhang AM, Hughes J. (2019) The Effect of Woodland Area on Avian Community Composition in a Fragmented Southern UK Landscape and Associated Management Recommendations. Bird Study. Accepted.

Grabowska-Zhang AM, Hinde CA, Garroway C, Sheldon BC. (2016) Wherever I may roam: social viscosity and kin affiliation in a wild population despite natal dispersal. Behavioral Ecology

Grabowska-Zhang AM. (2016) Around the world in 80 plants. By Stephen Barstow. Review. Ethnobiology Letters 7(1):26-27

Wyndham FS, Grabowska-Zhang AM, Gosler AG, Park KE, Fanshawe J, Nathan D, Fletcher H, Del Hoyo J. (2015) The ethno-ornithology world archive (EWA): an open science archive for biocultural conservation. Chilean Journal of Ornithology vol. 21(2).