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Angus Hawkins's research examines aspects of modern British politics, particularly the Victorian party system and constitutional change during that period. His publications have discussed the function of political parties, ideas of representation and voting behaviour. Most recently, he has published an essay on Ministerial by-elections in the 19th century and a two-volume biography of the longest-serving Conservative party leader and three times prime minister, the 14th Earl of Derby entitled The Forgotten Prime Minister. Published by Oxford University Press, volume 1 ''Ascent'' appeared in October 2007 and volume 2 ''Achievement'' appeared in October 2008.

Praise for the two volumes included the following:

''The most significant book on Victorian politics in half a century; all existing histories of Victorian politics and of the Conservative Party will need rewriting to take account of Hawkins''s magisterial two volumes on the fourteenth Earl of Derby.'' - Professor John Charmley, History Today

''This is real history. Unlike so many biographers, Hawkins has really mastered the archives. There is much in this book that is new, much that will permenantly change interpretations of the period. It is about real politicians, not caricatures or faceless abstractions.'' - Leslie Mitchell, The Literary Review

''Readers will enjoy this book for its subtley and insights into the generic political mind....The next volume is eagerly awaited. This, the first full-length biography of Derby will be the only one needed this century.'' - Andrew Roberts, The Sunday Times

''Hawkins's high political analysis is almost invariably compelling. He has a great goft for narrative exposition, which he makes look deceptively easy, and his 500 pages race along like one of Stanley's fillies.'' - Professor Boyd Hilton, The English Historical Review

''It is an impressive and serious piece of work that reminds us of the value of the scholarly monograph.'' - George Osborne, The Spectator

''Hawkins sustains his clear, cogent, and winning prose throughout, never flagging across his work's entire compass....In sum, The Forgotten Prime Minister is a magnigicent contribution to a ganre that many may have given up for dead.'' - Professor D. A. Smith, Victorian Studies

''Without a study of Derby...the political history of the years between the first two parliamentary Reform Acts (in 1832 and 1867) remains seriously incomplete...Hawkins has supplied the need with comprehensive scholarship and lucid exposition.'' - Professor Paul Smith, The Times Literary Supplement

''Hawkins, as we know from his previous books, is the leading expert on parties and politics in the whole period covered by this biography. We are very fortunate to have him guide us through it, which otherwise might resemble being dropped in the jungles of the Amazon without a compass.'' - Professor Richard Davis, The Journal of British Studies

''This, the first full-length biography to be written with access to the archives, will be the only one needed this century.'' - Dr Andrew Roberts, The Sunday Times.


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Reviews in The English Historical Review,Victorian Studies, Parliamentary History, Archive, Nineteenth -Century Prose and other journals.